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About Read to Rise

What is Read to Rise?

Nashville Public Library’s Read to Rise initiative helps parents and caregivers develop the habit of reading aloud to children from birth.

We want you to read to your child every day. You earn a prize for every 90 days you read to your child. 

  1. Read to your child for 90 days.
  2. Keep track of the days you read to your child online or with a reading log.
  3. Visit the library and get a prize!
  4. Repeat until your child starts Kindergarten.

Why is it so important to read to your child? 

Read to Rise helps you get in the habit of reading out loud to the children in your life, starting from the moment they're born. You don't have to be a fancy, trained reader. Your children just need to hear your voice.

  • Reading every day with your child helps build vocabulary and language skills, which lead to reading, speaking, and writing skills. 
  • Listening to stories also helps your child develop social and emotional skills essential to school success. 
  • Reading aloud with your child helps them to associate reading with pleasure. And it helps strengthen the bond between parent and child.

How can you find time for reading?

Reading can be incorporated throughout the day and doesn't have to be a book. 

  • Read your grocery list aloud. 
  • Read signs as you drive along.
  • Read signs out loud while you wait in line.