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The Books of #DragRace

June 5, 2022

Now...just between us Squirrel Friends. I have to say that I LOVE DragRace. The gowns! The hair! The shade! I find all of it utterly fascinating and a little bit inspiring. I must admit that, like usual, I was late to this party. (Does that make me fashionable?) I don't have cable, so I didn't start watching DragRace until COVID locked us all in our houses for two months. I'm so thankful that I found it because it was a great way to pass the time. I'm not usually a binger — I'd rather savor a good show once I've found it. However, I was so far behind (11 seasons at that point + AllStars!) on DragRace that I could both savor and binge. It was a magical combination. I'm almost caught up — I only have the last two seasons of AllStars (plus all the international versions) to watch...I better get busy. 

If you've already seen every episode, might I recommend reading? All of the regular judges (and some of the contestants) have written books, available at NPL. Get your Pride Month started right by checking out these bad boys today!

Mama Ru herself. 
I've always known who RuPaul was. She did a very good job marketing herself to the world. She fought so hard to bring drag queens into the mainstream and finally did it. Her books are beautiful and I have to admit that I'm a little jealous. She's way prettier than I am. Of course - if I had access to a team of professionals and six hours to get ready, I might be able to give her a run for her money. Or not. Whatever. If you are looking to be inspired, check out either of her books. I really enjoyed her peaceful energy.

Michelle Visage, Ru's bestie and former pop diva
If I identify most with any judge, it would have to be Michelle. I, too, was a pop star in a former life. Ok, I wasn't, but I enjoy it every time she reads a queen to filth. It's like on a baking show when the contestant says, "Maybe if I put on enough frosting, they won't notice the cake is burned." Honey, Michelle notices every time and I'm there for it. But I will say that she does it with love (for the most part) and she wants each drag queen to be their best. If I could only have one DragRace judge, it would have to be Michelle Visage.

The Hilarious Ross Mathews
When he first debuted on The Tonight Show, I must admit that I was not a fan of Ross Mathews. I think he was just too over the top for me at the time. (It could also have been that I was never the biggest fan of The Tonight Show) (accept for Conan). But fast forward to now and I LOVE Ross on DragRace. I would watch Ross all day. He's the perfect DragRace judge - funny, but he definitely knows what he's talking about. It's hilarious when he and Ru banter back and forth. I'd also love to see him and Michelle get into a cat fight one know it's coming. I enjoyed his first book (Man Up) more than his second (Name Drop) although both were good.

Carson Kressley, style guru, original Queer Eye
Can I confess something? I've never watched an episode of Queer Eye. I know, right? I don't know why, I just never did. So you can understand why Carson Kressley is enjoyable, but probably my least favorite judge. Plus, if I have to pick an OG Queer Eye, it would be Ted Allen all day (Chopped baby!). I will say that Carson is hilarious on DragRace and I've learned more about style from him. I still don't always understand this thing called fashion, but it's always interesting, even if I would never wear it.

Ok friends, that should jump start your Pride Month! Now if you will excuse I me, I have to get back to my TV because the rest of the episodes aren't going to watch themselves.

Silence! Bring back my books...

:) Amanda

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Amanda is a classically-trained pianist who loves to read. Like any good librarian, she also has two cats named after Italian cities. Amanda spends her free time sitting in Nashville traffic, baking, and running the Interlibrary Loan office at the Nashville Public Library.