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Happy Birthday, Read to Rise!

September 12, 2019

It’s no secret that libraries love reading! But last year, when Nashville Public Library launched Read to Rise, we wanted the entire city of Nashville to know how critical reading to children from birth is to a child’s success in school. Over the past year, we’ve spread the word to nearly 1,000 children who’ve registered for Read to Rise.  All told, those kids, parents, and caregivers have read together for more than 12,000 days!



What is Read to Rise?

Read to Rise (RtR) is an initiative that encourages you to track your reading to your little ones to ensure they’re best prepared to start school. It’s important that daily reading becomes a habit so for each day you read, you mark a spot on the reading log or log it on the computer. When you’ve read for 90 cumulative days, you come into any Nashville Public Library branch and receive a prize! Prizes include a growth chart, a color changing cup, or a free book, just to name a few.


Why Do We Need Read to Rise?

Nashville is a reading city with a reading problem. According to 2018’s Blueprint for Early Childhood Success only 34% of our 3rd graders are reading on grade level when they complete 3rd grade. By developing our Read to Rise program, Nashville Public Library has chosen to be more deliberate and vocal about how the Library, parents, and caregivers can prepare our children for school success. Did you know that your child’s brain doubles in size in their first year and is 80% of its adult size by age three? Spreading the message that reading aloud to your child is the single most important activity you can do to prepare them for school is absolutely essential for getting way higher than 34%!

How Can the Library Help Me Prepare My Child?

Your librarian is ready to help you choose the best books for your little one to read and enjoy. We also provide high quality children’s programs that target specific educational and emotional needs of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. Visit your local branch today and sign your child up for the Read to Rise program. Get your child their “My First Library Card” and start showing your little one how important reading is. Together, we can start your child off on the right foot to ensure that they’re starting school ready to read!

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