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YA Titles Perfect for Pride

June 24, 2019

Happy Pride Month to all of my LGBTQIA+ friends! To celebrate, here are some great titles where love wins.

If you're looking for teen books with great LGBTQIA+ representation, look no further! This entire list is filled with great books that I have read and loved. There's adventure! There's fantasy! There's romance! But most importantly, there are amazingly well-written and fleshed-out characters  you can really connect with. Of course, I have some stand out favorites (10/10 would read Carry On again right now if I weren't in the middle of Good Omens), but honestly, you can't go wrong. Pick the book that most interests you and go for it.



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Emily is a Teen Associate at NPL. When she's not planning programs or hanging out in the teen room at her branch, Emily spends her days reading, writing, gardening, trying new recipes, and playing board games. She loves most books and all dogs.