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Binge-Worthy Series

May 5, 2019

With another new episode of Game of Thrones airing tonight, and the series' end coming in just a few weeks, here are a couple of titles to binge and fill the void.

Schitt's Creek

I just finished season 4 last week, and I have been doing nothing but rewatching my favorite episodes. Schitt's Creek follows an incredibly wealthy family that loses everything and finds themselves stuck in a town that they own. There's something so joyful about watching these characters grow and learn, and the town, contrary to its name, turns out to be a pretty great place. I think I have laughed out loud at every episode, and I can't wait till "Ew, David" is a common phrase.

House, M.D.

I watched House like it was my job back in high school. I owned the first couple of seasons on DVD and I watched them on repeat for months. It's probably why I was such a germaphobe, but totally worth it. Hugh Laurie's performance is insanely good. By all accounts, Dr. Gregory House should be a completely unlikeable character, but you find yourself rooting for him. I think the first couple of seasons are the best, but then again I might be a little biased.

The Great British Baking Show

This show makes for a wonderful binge watch. The contestants really adore one another and want each other to succeed, which is so refreshing from years and years of cutthroat reality shows. I'm tired of watching people be mean to one another, and this show satisfies my need to see people share the love. Warning: show might cause an intense need to start baking and a love of pastel bakeware.


And for those of you who haven't watched it...

Game of Thrones

Love it or hate it or over it, Game of Thrones is a cultural phenomenon at this point. Are you a Stark or a Targaryen? Who should rule the Iron Throne? (#TeamArya) By the time I started watching, there were 5 seasons I needed to rip through, and honestly, it was a little difficult. There are a lot of graphic and violent moments, and that's hard for me to watch. As I've always said, I read to cry and I watch T.V. to laugh. But watching Game of Thrones is so rewarding. You're given incredible character arcs, excellent dialogue, and sometimes, the justice that a character deserves.

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Emily is the Branch Services Specialist at the Main Library. In her free time, she enjoys reading, writing, hiking, and playing with her dog, Fern.

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