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"Richard D. James"

July 17, 2017

Aphex Twin was a set designer on Star Trek: The Next Generation?!

We're deep into Summer Challenge so why not go deep into Star Trek?

Many have noticed Richard D. James in the credits of Next Generation and thought, "Holy cow, that's Aphex Twin!". Sorry, it is not that Richard D. James. This Richard D. James was the production designer on Next Generation from season two until the end. His work earned him an Emmy award. More pertinent to our interests, he was also the set decorator ON the original, wait for it, Battlestar Galatica. Mr. James' work is so closely associated with Next Generation that he is the first IRL credit on the faux Riker sitcom.

Of course, the RDJ we were hoping for was the electronic music producer aka Aphex Twin. The library owns a singular Aphex Twin album for check out--Syro. It's an hour of squelching acid breakbeats that will cut right through this stuff. And hey, make some fan videos, you might end up like this kid. I would give you at least 100 Summer Challenge points for making your own Aphex Twin video. I'd give you 500 Summer Challenge points if you make a Next Generation supercut Aphex Twin video. Aphex Trek! There might be some copyright issues there, though. I would give 1000 Summer Challenge points if you make Aphex Trek supercut and Warp Records or CBS contacts you to do an official promo video for them.

Here's the musican Richard D. James putting on a straight face to talk about synthesizers. Build you own synthesizer--300-500 Summer Challenge points.

And here's a two hour set from Field Day Festival.

Or get lost in this wormhole.



Bryan is a librarian at Nashville Public Library. Bryan enjoys board games, bikes, and free software. His only star is Trek.