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Smile Pretty and Don't Murder Anyone

September 28, 2015
  1. Don’t leave the apartment.
  2. Never let anyone in.
  3. Don’t kill anyone.

These are the rules that Deanna Madden lives by.

She has not stepped outside of her apartment for three years, for fear of doing harm to others. She supports her hermit lifestyle by becoming Jessica Manchild, one of the highest paid camgirls in the country. Everything she needs is either contained in her apartment or delivered to her door. Deanna’s only interactions with people are either from behind a locked door, over the phone, or through a computer.Deanna is afraid that she is a terrifying person because she has the impulse to kill people. She then meets someone who appears to be a genuinely terrifying person, and is not only forced to take action, but is also forced to confront the things that lead her to this point. Along the way, she meets someone who is truly decent and understanding. The only question is, will she give into her murderous impulses or not?
Sade with blue mohawk avatar


Sade has been with Nashville Public Library since 2007. She started as a Page, and worked her way up. She loves reviewing books, movies, and restaurants. You can usually find her watching terrible movies and reading speculative fiction and comics. Sade is currently a librarian at the Edmondson Pike Branch Library.