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Two Knitting Books to Keep You Warm This Winter

January 9, 2014

Find something for everyone in these books, with designs for men, women, and children inspired by literary favorites, including sumptuous hat patterns and modern wearable pieces.

Madame Bovary, One Hundred Years of Solitude, Pride and Prejudice and Slaughterhouse-Five were just a few of the books that inspired this quirky new knitting book by Nikol Lohr.

Lohr's knitwear designs capture the essence of the stories with modern wearable pieces. My favorite designs are the beautiful Daisy Cloche hat with velvet band inspired by The Great Gatsby, the Eppie Bonnet inspired by Silas Marner and the charming Laura Pinafore dress inspired by Little House on the Prairie.

There is something for everyone with designs for men, women and children. Literary Knits: 30 Patterns Inspired By Favorite Books is filled with large, lovely colored photos and helpful instructions to help you turn the patterns into reality.

This book is a beauty and features a wide selection of hat styles from bowlers, to tuques and trappers, to hoods, cloches and caps. Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Hat Book has page after page of beautiful hats to knit. The majority of the patterns are geared toward the more experienced knitter but there are some designs for the novice. For anyone interested in knitting hats, this book is a dream come true, featuring 50 sumptuous hat patterns.

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