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Book Review: Little Old Lady Recipes

January 17, 2014

Did your 2014 New Year’s Resolution focus on smart and sensible eating? Ready to shelve that crazy thought? In that case, have we got a book for you!

This book will have you rethinking the way you look at your grocery list. Each recipe is short and sweet with ingredients listed followed by short instructions and a bit of advice. Did you know that crunched cornflakes may be substituted for bread crumbs? That the “surprise” in tuna surprise casserole is a bag of potato chips? Here’s a turnip casserole tip, “small turnips are mild, big ones are stronger. It’s your choice.” And finally, when in doubt, take a covered dish.

Not all the advice given within these pages has to do with food, as evidenced in the following nugget: “Don’t wear dark lipstick. When it shows up on a man’s collar, everyone is going to know it’s yours.”

Every few pages you are greeted by a full page photograph of a sensible looking older lady. These women have hosted a bridge club or two. They provide comfort and encouragement as you unlearn the fundamentals of Nutrition 101. So if you are ready to ditch your 2014 resolution to eat smart, here is your book!

If you prefer a more scientific look at classic recipes, try any of the Cook’s Country TV show cookbooks by the editors of Cook’s Country. You will still get the good old comfort foods, this time though, the recipes are vetted scientifically. The PBS show Cook’s Country is hosted by Christopher Kimball, a.k.a. Sheldon Cooper’s older brother.

“I come from a family where gravy is considered a beverage.” - Erma Bombeck

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